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It is time for the world to discover the Monterey Bay Area! read more

It is time for the world to discover the Monterey Bay Area!


  1. Brand for Region State Nation World
  2. Brand for Investment Trade Tourism
  3. Brand used Nationally & Globally

Why Brand Region?

The purpose of this workshop is to get public feedback on what qualities (Branding Components) we have in our region that represent the significant positive resources our region has to offer the world that results in more investment, bi-lateral trade, and tourism into our region.

Here is how to view the voting progress: 1. Click on the Vote Tab above. 2. Each Branding Quality has a Ranking from + to - with + being Votes For and - being Votes Against.

Here is how you vote: 1. Signup for Civinomics. 2. Log into Civinomics. 3. Click on the "Vote" tab above. 4. On each "Branding Component", on the left side, Click the "up arrow" to vote "for" that Branding Component. Click the "down arrow" to vote "against" that Branding Component. Or... do not click any arrow, on that branding component, if you have no opinion.

Cast your “Vote” for one or more regional “Qualities” that you think contributes to the Monterey Bay Area being a “Region Like No Other”.

Have Fun and Vote Now...


Brand Monterey Bay: A Business League dedicated to Branding & Marketing the Monterey Bay Region for Investment, Trade, and Tourism.

Mission: Develop a regional brand identity and a regional marketing campaign to promote investment, trade, and tourism in the Monterey Bay tri-county region.

Regional Identity - Summary: The Monterey Bay Region borders Silicon Valley to its north, includes the “salad bowl of the world” to the south, “the most felicitous meeting of land and sea” (RLS) to the west, and is truly one of the most beautiful and unique places in the world. A group of public and private sector business leaders from the region have embarked on a branding and marketing campaign that will build a brand identity for the Monterey Bay region based on its unique assets and competitive advantages, and promote the regional brand to the global marketplace.

Regional Identity - Situation: While portions of the region promote themselves externally, the Monterey Bay region is a collection of unique assets and opportunities largely un-marketed as a region. As a premier sustainable destination for travel and tourism, a global leader in marine science, language, sustainable agriculture, agro-technology, specialty crops, institutional research, California lifestyle products, a top wine-growing region, and a global showcase for sustainable solutions.

Regional - Call To Action:The Monterey Bay region has been missing the opportunity to collect all of its assets together into a compelling reason to invest here, trade here, and come here staying long enough to fully appreciate all it has to offer.

Regional Marketing: Our group encourages people to visit from all over California, nationally and internationally. We also encourage businesses to showcase their products here, relocate here, recognize our brand, invest in our businesses and innovation clusters, and for consumers from all over the world to purchase products and services from this region. Acting on our philosophy that a rising tide floats all boats, we promote all facets of the region and its industries, selling it as a unique and unbeatable package that will benefit the Monterey Bay region, California, the country and beyond.

Regional Tools: Include a regional calendar, regional polling & crowd funding, regional digital media library, regional digital signage, regional advertising programs, regional economic development site selection services, global sustainable lifestyle map & rewards, global trade assistance, and a concerted effort to build collaboration within the Region, Visit California, Brand USA and Worldwide.

Regional Promise: To make the full value of our region known to the rest of the world and to facilitate engagement with the vast unique experiences and opportunities for competitive advantage that exist in this “region like no other”.

MBITA, JVMB, Wasson Idea Farming, Stearns & More Capital, SCCBC, SBCBC, MCBC and Civinomics have joined forces to begin a public outreach on ‘branding’ the Monterey Bay region to initiate a global outreach program to bring bilateral trade, tourism and investment to the region.

Brand Monterey Bay Business League WebSite:

Brand Monterey Bay.

Brand Monterey Bay Business League Stakeholders:

Monterey International Trade Association.

Santa Cruz County Business Council.

San Benito County Business Council.

Monterey County Business Council.

Joint Venture Monterey Bay.

Stearns & More Capital.

Wasson Idea Farming.

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